Sandro negri
(1940 - 2012)

First Highlighted in Portland in an exhibition of 50 years of his career, Sandro Negri’s collection of work boasts vibrant colors, brush strokes with gravitas, and a keen eye for the intricacies caught in landscapes. His time spent in the Italian countryside lends itself to what he captures, but also to his philosophy around art and creating. Sandro Negri’s unique expression of technique was celebrated by both fans of Neorealism and Naturalist Expressionism.

During the celebration of his 50-year painting career,art critic and historian, Paola Artonicompared his work to that of Latin poet Virgilio—also from Negri’s hometown of Andes. Artoni describes Negri’s ability to capture the nuanced contrast of the Italian landscapewith a romancefor his subjects—many times faceless farmers found laboring in a lush harvest. Our own collection owner, Marilyn, oftenshares stories about the homecooked meals that Negri shared with each of his friends whenever he was in Portland–the same hospitality extendedto his friends visiting hiscountryside homein Italy.