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Marching band MarchFourth holds memorabilia and art exhibit opening First Thursday at Murdoch Collections in NW PDX

Gallery to show retrospective look celebrating the band's 20 year anniversary

It’s been 20 years since MarchFourth gave their first performance to Portlanders, visually and audibly delighting scores of people while blazing a musical performance path that brings a taste of Portland to the world. On March 2, 2023, Portlanders will be able to celebrate two decades of MarchFourth fun with the First Thursday opening of a memorabilia and art show that spans the marching band’s 20-year history, to be held at Murdoch Collections in Portland, starting at 5:30 pm.
Described as “a kaleidoscope of musical and visual energy that inspires unabashed dancing and an atmosphere of celebration,” MarchFourth embraces the positive pageantry of the classic marching band, Carnival band, samba, and brass band, combining that unique sound with colorful costumes, stilts, dance and circus. Born of the fun and frivolity we know and love in Portland, MarchFourth is bringing it home for their big 20th. The exhibit coincides with the March 4th anniversary party at McMenamins Crystal Ballroom with a family matinee and an evening performances on Saturday March 4th, 2023.
Members of the band will be present at the March 2 celebration, and the group show at Murdoch Collections will feature photography, costumes, sculpture, multimedia, and paintings inspired by MarchFourth, including concert posters and band memorabilia spanning 20 years. Exhibited work includes black & white portraits by Andy Batt, photo journalism by Motoya Nakamura, live concert photography by Mirifoto, watercolor works by Christine Jennings, oil painting by Christie Stewart, metal sculpture by Richard Cawley, costumes and show props by members of MarchFourth, and more.

- March 1st-11th 2023 -

Opening Reception
First Thursday - March 2nd
5:30-8:30 PM

- Gallery Hours -
Wed-Sat 11a-5p
Murdoch Collections
2219 NW Raleigh St Portland, OR 97210