Past Art Exhibit Marching band MarchFourth holds memorabilia and art exhibit opening First Thursday at Murdoch Collections in NW PDX Gallery to show retrospective look celebrating the band’s 20 year anniversary It’s been 20 years since MarchFourth gave their first performance to Portlanders, visually and audibly delighting scores of people while blazing a musical performance […]

Christopher Elliman

Past Art Exhibits: Christopher Elliman Accumulations: Marks & Traces Of Time & Space A celebration of found, re-purposed, and manipulated everyday materials  As an aesthetic thinker, a keen student and curious observer of the stuff of life, the work being of the human experience, casually falls within the genre of “abstract-realism” – abstract expressions and […]

Stephen Walter

Past Art Exhibits: OpenPresence featuring wood sculpture by Stephen Walter– curated by Vicki Simon Show Through December 30, 2022 “There’s a phenomenon in the art world of the “overnight success a lifetime in the making.” Earlier this year I wrote about sculptor Arthur Kern, who at age 90 was making his commercial solo debut at […]