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Christopher Elliman

Accumulations: Marks & Traces Of Time & Space

A celebration of found, re-purposed, and manipulated everyday materials

 As an aesthetic thinker, a keen student and curious observer of the stuff of life, the work being of the human experience, casually falls within the genre of “abstract-realism” – abstract expressions and interpretations triggered by real-life thoughts, experiences, and criticisms. The creative process, whilst having some initial forethought, is essentially informal, organic, intuitive free-play; an unstructured, subjective drifting through random experimentations with materials and actions, a building up and breaking down of assembled and disassembled layered compositions, a constructionist/deconstructionist push and pull, and the acceptance of a non-objective disorientation allowing one to be openly available and observant to what is haphazardly discoverable within the process. The outcome: the establishment of an idiosyncratic composite – a palimpsest of life – an art object (the capture of a creative experience). The titles: often after-thoughts extracted from the feel and character of each piece as mere conversation starters. The materials: primarily discarded and recycled accumulations of post-consumer waste; paper products, fabrics, yarn, thread, etc., accompanied by household paints, dyes and pigments, stains, varnishes, and bleach. The unexpected “mistakes” and imperfections are gained from, the “pretty-perfectionisms” are avoided, the ambiguity and absence of representation, everyday signifiers, and common communication perfectly calculated, natural structures of compositions are formed, and through the weathering and manipulation of materials, a somewhat innate beauty (truth) is revealed. Although heavily steeped in the social and the spiritual, the pieces do not attempt to fit in, nor follow any movement or trend – they simply aim to stand alone in their becoming, sovereign in the big collective of creation.

 Christopher Elliman, a recent Portland resident, is a S.F. Bay Area transplant of English background. Working at creating art objects since 2001, his pieces are included in private collections throughout the United States.

- February 2023 -

Saturday February 4th, 2p-5p

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