Current Exhibition

summer exhibition

Our summer exhibition is a collection and celebration of different minds and tastes! Multiple art vendors are exhibiting their respective collections in our gallery and we are excited to have you come experience the different flavors of this show.

show runs through Summer 2024

- Gallery Hours -

Wed-Sat 11a-5p
Murdoch Collections
2219 NW Raleigh St Portland, OR 9721

Murdoch Collections
Murdoch Collections
Murdoch Collections
Murdoch Collections

Murdoch Collections promotes art enjoyment in the following ways

Art exhibitions in curated themes
Hands-On Art Library
Conversations with art collectors, art enthusiasts, and artists.

Featured Artists

Thomas Austin Hardy started his art career early, having his first exhibition in the Portland Art Museum at only 16.

Originally from Japan, Nobu Nakamura was a well-known fabric designer with his own fabric company.

Sandro Negri’s collection of work boasts vibrant colors, brush strokes with gravitas, and a keen eye for the intricacies caught in landscapes.

At Murdoch collections, we have multiple pieces by Stan Wood and would love to have you come by and explore.